Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Shopping?

Just sharing some ideas for getting started on Christmas Shopping...
check out the Etsy Shop, The Petite Boutique to see what's new.

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  1. Wool can absorb a fair amount of moisture without conducting heat away because the water 'disappears' into the fibre spaces. Natural materials also tend to "breath" a lot better, which means if you are very warm and start to sweat, your clothes should allow the sweat to evaporate.

    Avoid cotton clothing in wet weather, as it loses its insulating ability when wet and should be strictly avoided for outdoor/cold weather use.

    The synthetic wind-break
    Synthetics are fantastic wind-breaking materials, so invest in a high quality, simple and modest trench coat.

    Don't stick your neck out

    A scarf around the neck or a jacket that zips up to your neck is a fantastic tip.Occasion is another aspect women should think of. When you need to wear a formal dress you must not wear a casual dress. Also it must be known that for a casual event if you dress up with a formal dress like klädaffär you are not going to add any glamour on you. Your dress should also be in unison with the accessories you wear. Always remember to wear the matching shoes and matching jewelry. Even your wrist watch has to match with your Kläder på nätet. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose the right accessories.
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    This stops the warmth sneaking out of the top of your coat Your Hijab should cover your neck, but a modest scarf wrapped around your neck really seals in the heat.

  2. The key necklaces are all the rage now. I found your site by searching for "old watch" crafts. I'll have to visit your etsy shop. Your jewelry is beautiful. One question. Do you use a sealant on the keys or watch faces?


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